Roland SP-808 vs ESX

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Roland SP-808 vs ESX

Postby MICTRIP on Mon May 25, 2009 11:12 am

I have had a Roland SP-808 for 6 years now. It has it's limits, and is getting obsolete, but there are a few things I'd like to transplant into my ESX.
On the sp-808 you can actually view the wav form of the sample you are editing, so you have a nice visual of the start and end of the wav form in scratch mode. You can hear the wav in this mode as you move foward and backward. You also have a read out of the BPM so the timing is absolutley perfect. This makes editing very quick. In this area you are kind of blind on the ESX.
I'd also like to take the step sequencer from the sp-808 and mix it with the ESX. This is also great because of the visual aide. You can see all the steps at once. There is so much back and forth with the ESX when it comes to step sequencing, it takes forever and kind of sucks. I'm going to make a dry erase template I can use to create steps prior to creating them, to get them right. I'll post it when I do so others can use it.
The ESX is brilliant for live playing and improv recording, the Roland sp-808 can't touch it.
The Sp-808 has a built in digital 4 track, but I dont recommend using it. You'll run out of memory, before you can get your thoughts down.
The SP-808 also has a very short sample time that can be measured. Yes you can record a long sample, but you have to use some old fashion methods to time them, as anything past four measures will result in asteriks in the BPM line.
Together though, for live performance, they rock together. just like humans we have our shortcomings, but when there are two or more we can do amazing stuff.
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Re: Roland SP-808 vs ESX

Postby Dj Pound on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:32 am

Way back in 2001 I was contemplating whether or not to get an sp-808 or an MPC 2000XL.
I ended going with the XL after reading so much negative stuff about the sp-808's sequencer and loud zip drive. Looking back at it now, I wouldnt mind actually owning an 808 to take advantage of all the cool effects I hear it has.
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