Free samples/sequences for ESX in .esx format!

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Free samples/sequences for ESX in .esx format!

Postby sauce on Mon May 16, 2011 3:40 pm

Ok.. Here is the full sample and sequence set for my "Taran's Madness" liveset, performed Feb 2009 at the Oddity party: ... adness.ESX (download, drop onto a SmartMedia [or SD, if that's what your machine uses] card and load!)

Here is a recording of the set directly off the mixer:

If you manage to get some good remixes of any of the parts, please share them with me!

Also, I should mention a bit about the way I name patterns.. The first pattern in a series, or "track" if you will, will have the scale that the key is played in; A, Am, Dm etc. The "*" means that the pattern playing should be freaked out a bit; mute some drums, long delay tails, solo synth lines etc, before the next pattern is dropped, or else the transition will sound choppy. Also, when a pattern has a number in it -148.6 or 235.1 etc.- that is the tempo of the next pattern in line. Yes, there are tempo changes. I generally slow everything waaaaaay down (to like 40 bpm or so), and then speed back up to the stated tempo, then drop the next pattern. You can hear what I am talking about in the set, if you listen.

Have fun! :)

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Re: Free samples/sequences for ESX in .esx format!

Postby Aciphecs on Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:02 am

On a side note, I see Mochipet was at this party! Sweet, I saw him a couple months ago in Hamtramck :D
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Re: Free samples/sequences for ESX in .esx format!

Postby o0FancyPants0o on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:53 pm

Thanks Sauce. I've been playing with them all week. I've watching your vids on youtube for a while and I'm glad I finally joined the forum.
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